Who Are We

The Allouez Beautification Committee (ABC) is a grassroots, all volunteer organization that began 23 years ago with a mission to ‘cultivate beauty through community’.

ABC is responsible for raising the funds yearly to purchase flowers which are planted along Webster Avenue and Riverside Drive. We enlist Schroeder’s Flowers to design, plant, and water the flowers. We use 50 community volunteers to weed and maintain the beds, pots, and roundabouts throughout the summer.

Other annual projects include winter pots on Webster Avenue near the 172 intersection, maintaining and proudly displaying American flags on designated holidays (with the help of the Green Bay fire fighters, Station 8 in Allouez) and recognizing Allouez residents and businesses for their beautiful gardens and yards with “garden of the month” signs displayed in their front yards.

Our meetings are held at the Allouez Village Hall on the third Tuesday of each month, April through November, at 6:30 PM. Please feel free to join us anytime! Everyone is welcomed!
Wendy Sutter, President

We are a 501(c)(3) organization.   #39-1843814

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