1684 S. Irwin Ave.

Mike and Susan Kenney

Take a break from the heat of summer, maybe pour yourself a lemonade and get lost in the tranquility of Mike and Susan Kenney’s shade gardens at 1684 S. Irwin Ave. They’re our first Garden of the Month winners for July for the serene scene of green they’ve created beneath the canopy of trees in their front yard. The hostas by the entrance are big but the baskets of annuals with their impossible-to-miss pops of red? Even bigger! Mike is the head gardener, seeing to it that everything is groomed just so. Congratulations to them both for the peaceful oasis they’ve created in Allouez.

400 Brookridge St.

Carol Gottfried

It’s our pleasure to announce Carol Gottfried as our second Garden of the Month winner for July. Her gardens at 400 Brookridge St. have been 43 years in the making, and she’s still changing them up. The many geraniums are a mainstay — a nod to her mother’s favorite flower — but she switches the color of begonias in the pots by the front windows each year. Carol also loves roses, and she grows some beauties. Garden figurines tucked in here and there welcome visitors, and a few even light up at night. Congratulations, Carol!

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